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Past Revealed: Opening a 90-Year-Old Time Capsule

In 1925, government leaders placed a time capsule in the cornerstone of the newly constructed Hall of Justice in Downtown Los Angeles. Nearly 90 years later, the time capsule was rediscovered and opened on November 13, 2014, as part of the ongoing renovation and restoration of the Hall of Justice.

The dusty copper box contains mementos from 1925, along with several historical items, including copies of the County Charter, an American flag (with 48 stars), newspapers, rules of the Superior Court, an annual report of the County for fiscal year ending in June 1924, and plans for the Los Angeles Civic Center. 

The time capsule was transferred to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art Conservation Center for unpacking and preservation. Contents of the box will be catalogued and eventually placed on public display. A new time capsule will be reinstalled into the Hall of Justice wall and the cornerstone resealed for future generations to uncover.