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2016 - 2021 County of Los Angeles Strategic Plan

Creating Connections: People, Communities, and Government

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GOAL III. Realize Tomorrow’s Government Today     

Our increasingly dynamic and complex environment challenges our collective abilities to respond to public needs and expectations. We want to be an innovative, flexible, effective, and transparent partner focused on public service and advancing the common good.

Strategy III.1 - Continually Pursue Development of Our Workforce

Invest in tomorrow’s workforce today and today’s workforce for a better tomorrow.

Issue Statement:
As the largest employer in Southern California, Los Angeles County must work towards attracting and retaining a talented workforce committed to providing public services.

Implement training models that envision learning and professional growth occurring over time that includes relevant departments, academia, labor, and other stakeholders.
Recruit, train and equip County executives and managers with the technical, problem solving, and relationship skills characteristic of professional and effective leaders.
Implement an executive development plan designed to equip executive level staff to assume leadership of a department.

Strategy III.2 - Embrace Digital Government for the Benefit of our Internal Customers and Communities

Implement technological business solutions to enable County departments to meet their core mission, transform how we share information, and protect the privacy rights of individuals.

Issue Statement:
Government has yet to fully leverage big data, information technology, and analytics to enhance its business operations and improve service delivery.

Establish a shared information management platform to enable County departments to identify common clients, securely share and exchange data to coordinate service delivery, and perform data-driven analytics to achieve outcomes in support of Board Priorities and other Countywide initiatives.
Ensure that each department maximizes the use of technology to raise awareness of available programs and services.
Support implementation of technological enhancements and acquisitions that increase efficiency (e.g. infrastructure, software, hardware, applications) including replacement of legacy systems.

Strategy III.3 - Pursue Operational Effectiveness, Fiscal Responsibility, and Accountability

Continually assess our efficiency and effectiveness, maximize and leverage resources, and hold ourselves accountable.

Issue Statement:
Although expansive, the County of Los Angeles’ resources are limited and insufficient when compared to the need. Given this fiscal reality, the County must ensure that resources are expended in a responsible, efficient and strategic manner.

Implement a process to systematically leverage resources to help fund County initiatives.
Maximize use of County assets, guide strategic investments, and support economic development, in ways that are fiscally responsible and align with the County’s highest priority needs.
Develop and operationalize a range of metrics and measures to track implementation and outcomes of this strategic plan and other County initiatives.
Complete the development and implementation of Continuity of Government, and Continuity of Operation Plans for the County and County departments, to continue essential services to the public and other government agencies following a disruption of service.
Develop and implement a Cyber Disruption Response Plan that plans for, protects, mitigates, and responds to disruptions to the County’s digital information or technological infrastructure.
Develop a conceptual office space model(s) designed to: support the work and/or activities of employees; encourage employee collaboration; increase the amount of available work space within existing space resources; and, improve the health of the workplace environment for employees.
The Executive Officer of the Board shall implement and manage a process for vetting and providing recommendations to the Board regarding proposed new Board Priorities.
Develop and test a tool that can help assess the likelihood that a department will experience severe operational and/or administrative challenges negatively impacting service delivery or substantially impeding the Department’s ability to meet its mission.
Develop and implement a plan to address the County’s long term unfunded liabilities.

Strategy III.4 - Engage and Share Information with Our Customers, Communities and Partners

Push data and information to internal and external customers, communities, and partners to enable informed decision making and to support partnerships.

Issue Statement:
The County of Los Angeles must remain accountable and ensure the public’s trust through transparency, public participation and openly sharing information with its residents.

Each department shall regularly solicit customer feedback (from internal and external customers) regarding the customer’s experience when accessing and/or receiving services.
Increase the amount of data regularly published on the County’s Open Data Portal, to support information sharing and public policy research.