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Directory of Services & Information

Facilities and Services Reservations


Allows public to go online to make and pay for reservations at County facilities. Residents may access, review, schedule and reserve facilities and services, including swim lessons, picnic areas, RV park spaces, community rooms and conference quarters. 

Family Court Services

111 N. Hill St., Rm. 241, Los Angeles 90012
Phone (213) 830-0835 

Provides agreements regarding custody and visitation.  Meetings are by appointment only.

N. Hill St., Rm. 241, Los Angeles 90012
Phone (213) 830-0835 

Provides parents an opportunity to develop a parenting plan for their children with the assistance of a mental health professional.  By appointment only.

Family Law

(Superior Court)

For information regarding matters in family law (divorce/dissolution, legal separation, annulment, paternity and related custody actions) in outlying areas, please contact your local superior court.  Child support enforcement operations are based at Central Civil West Courthouse, 600 S. Commonwealth Avenue, 18th floor, Los Angeles, CA 90005.

Individuals seeking assistance in the preparation of various family law forms relating to support issues, paternity, answers to district attorney complaints, fee waiver applications and wage assignment orders may contact the Office of the Family Law Facilitator.  The office provides this service without charge. The office staff will not give legal advice or represent any parties in an action. Please contact your local office to make an appointment.

For the Central District: The Family Law Information line is (213) 830-0830. Office of the Family Law Facilitator: (213) 830-0849.

For Central Civil West: The Child Support Services Support Information line is (866) 901-3212.  Office of the Family Law Facilitator: (213) 351-7561.

Self-Help Resource Centers (213) 830-0849.

Farmers Markets, Certified

Agricultural Commissioner/Weights and Measures Department
Pest Exclusion and Produce Quality Bureau
11012 Garfield Ave., South Gate 90280
Phone (562) 622-0426
Fax: (562) 861-2828 

Inspects and registers certified farmers markets and certified producers to ensure that the commodities sold are of the farmers’ production.

FEMA/Flood Zone/Flood Insurance Rate Map

Public Works, Department of
900 S. Fremont Ave., Alhambra 91803-1331
Phone (626) 458-4321

Fictitious Business Name Statement

(See Business Filings and Registrations)


(See FilmL.A., Inc.)

FilmL.A., Inc.

1201 W. 5th St.,  Ste. T-800, Los Angeles 90017
Phone (213) 977-8600
Fax: (213) 977-8610
Permit Fax: (213) 977-8601

Serves as one-stop film office for Los Angeles County, the City of Los Angeles, and a several other local jurisdictions. The non-profit community benefit organization assists filmmakers to obtain permits to film on-location, while providing free, all-hours troubleshooting for residents and businesses impacted by filming.

Fire Department

Consolidated Fire Protection District
1320 N. Eastern Ave., Los Angeles 90063-3294
Phone (323) 881-2401

Serves the unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County and 58 cities.

Provides 24-hour fire protection and life-safety services; the application and enforcement of appropriate codes and ordinances for the protection of life and property; and protects the public health and the environment from accidental releases of hazardous substances.

Monitors the storage and disposal of hazardous materials through a coordinated effort of inspections, emergency response enforcement and site mitigation.  Provides beach lifeguard services.

Fire Prevention Division

Inspections/Permits, Building, Sprinklers, and Fire Alarm Plan Checks
Phone (323) 890-4132

Health Hazardous Materials Division
Unified Program Permits, Hazardous Waste/Hazardous Materials
Phone (323) 890-4045 

Household Hazardous Materials Disposal

Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
Phone (888) 253-2652 

Human Resources /Personnel Services Division
Phone (323) 881-2431

Job Information
Firefighter Recruitment: (888) 897-3473 or email at:  
All other Fire Department Positions: (323) 881-2308
County-wide Job Hotline: (800) 970-5478

Public Information Office
Phone (323) 881-2411

Community Emergency Response Training (C.E.R.T)
Phone (323) 881-2472 

Ocean Lifeguard Division
Phone (310) 577-5700
Surf Conditions (310) 379-8471
Website: (For information and surf reports)           

Catalina Island -
            Phone (310) 510-0856 (Avalon)
            Phone (310) 510-0341 (Isthmus)

Central Section (Santa Monica – Venice – Will Rogers) -
            Phone (310) 394-3261

Northern Section (Malibu) -
            Phone (310) 457-2525

Southern Section (South Bay) -
            Phone (310) 372-2166           

Training Section (Manhattan Beach) -
           Phone (310) 939-7200

Fish and Game Commission

Rm. B-50, Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
500 W. Temple St., Los Angeles 90012
Phone (213) 974-1431
Fax (213) 633-5102
Email: fish&

Encourages the conservation and maintenance of wildlife resources in conjunction with Sections 1801 and 13103 of the California Fish and Game Code. Acts as an advisory board making recommendations to the Board of Supervisors and the State Fish and Game Warden as to the best method for the propagation and protection of fish and game in the State of California and Los Angeles County. Provides propagation fund grants to groups and individuals for education, programs and/or projects, such as fishing excursions for disadvantaged children in the County, studies for the preservation of wildlife, and fisheries enhancement programs. Grant applications are available online and at the commission office. Grant approval is based on the availability of funds, geographical and categorical considerations and a thorough evaluation of the information provided by applicants.  The commission meets quarterly, on the second Thursday in January, April, July and October at 6 p.m. in Rm. 374-A of the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration.

Flood Control District

Public Works, Department of
900 S. Fremont Ave., Alhambra 91803-1331
Phone (626) 458-5100 

Post-fire Debris Information/Education
Phone (626) 458-6154

Flood Maintenance

Public Works, Department of
Flood Maintenance Division
900 S. Fremont Ave, Alhambra 91803-1331
Phone (626) 458-4148 

Maintains Los Angeles County Flood Control District infrastructure.

Food Safety (including street food vendors)

Public Health, Department of
Environmental Health
5050 Commerce Dr., Baldwin Park 91706
Phone (626) 430-5250
24-Hour Hotline (888) 700-9995

Ensures that food is safe, wholesome and free of contamination by performing routine inspections and complaint investigations at more than 50,000 food facilities.  Grades (A, B or C) restaurants and other retail food establishments after each inspection.  Provides inspection results and restaurant closure information on website.

Food inspection program - Headquarters
Public Health, Department of
5050 Commerce Dr., Baldwin Park 91706
Phone (626) 430-5250
Fax: (626) 813-1444

Inspects retail food establishments (restaurants, markets, bakeries), pet food stores, and food vending at farmers markets, swap meets, carnivals, fairs, and other temporary events.

New and remodeled retail and wholesale food establishments must submit plans and undergo review and approval process prior to licensing. To get more information, call (626) 430-5560.


Antelope Valley
Phone   (661) 723-4533
Fax:      (661) 948-9354 

East Valley
Phone   (818) 557-4187
Fax:      (818) 848-2336 

Hollywood Wilshire
Phone   (213)-351-7893
Fax:      (213) 351-2785 

Phone   (818) 902-4460
Fax:      (818) 902-4433 

Phone   (213) 351-7895
Fax:      (213) 351-2787 

Phone   (213) 351-7892
Fax:      (213) 351-2788 

Santa Clarita
Phone   (661) 723-4533
Fax:      (818) 902-4467 

East Los Angeles
Phone   (323) 780-2272
Fax:      (323) 260-5209 

Phone   (310) 419-5358
Fax:      (310) 680-0978 

Phone   (562) 345-6800
Fax:      (562) 409-5074 

South Bay
Phone   (310) 519-6050
Fax:      (310) 514-0170 

Phone   (323) 235-7009
Fax:      (323) 231-0029 

Phone   (310) 665-8450
Fax:      (310) 348-6402 

Phone   (626) 813-3346
Fax:      (626) 814-9173 

West Covina
Phone   (626) 813-3380
Fax:      (626) 813-3333 

Food and Milk
Phone   (626) 430-5400
Fax:      (626) 813-3017 

Wholesale, manufacturing and distributing establishments and food caterers.

Food Stamps

(See Public Social Services, Department of)

Food-bourne Illness/Food Poisoning

Phone (888) 397-3993 – Report suspected food-related illness.


Ford Theatres

(See Arts Commission)

Foster Homes

(See Children and Family Services, Department of)

Franchise Trash Collection And Recycling Services

Public Works, Department of
County Garbage Disposal Districts -
900 S. Fremont Ave., Alhambra 91803-1331
Phone (800) 993-5844


(See Fraud Hotline; Health Services (DHS) Fraud Hotline; Voter Fraud Hotline; Welfare Fraud Hotline; Workers’ Compensation Fraud)

Fraud Hotline

Auditor-Controller, Department of
Rm. 515, Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
500 W. Temple St., Los Angeles 90012

To report suspected fraud or misconduct by County employees, contractors or vendors:
Phone toll-free: (800) 544-6861
Fax: (213) 633-0991

To report suspected Workers’ Compensation fraud and abuse by County employee and providers:
Phone toll-free: (800) 544-6861 

To report suspected fraud by County restaurant inspectors, restaurant owners and managers:
Phone toll-free: (800) 544-6861