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Directory of Services & Information

Countywide Criminal Justice Coordination Committee

Rm. 520, Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
500 W. Temple St., Los Angeles 90012
Phone (213) 974-8398
Fax: (213) 613-2711

Established in 1981 by the Board of Supervisors to bring together the elements of a local justice system that is as large and complex as typical statewide structures. Improves the effectiveness and efficiency of the local criminal justice system by strengthening interagency communication, cooperation, and coordination among city, county, state, and federal agencies.  Serves as a unique policy-level forum for the development and coordination of strategies to improve the justice system’s operation.  Provides oversight of various multi-agency initiatives, ranging from criminal justice-drug treatment programs to DNA sample collection policies.

Countywide Equity Oversight Panel

Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
500 W. Temple Room B-26
Los Angeles, CA 90012
Phone: (213) 974-9868
Hot Line: 1-855-999-CEOP (2367)

The County Equity Oversight Panel (CEOP) is an independent oversight body comprised of employment law experts with the authority and responsibility for reviewing County equity investigations under the County Policy of Equity and making recommendations to County Department Heads concerning the disposition and discipline.

Court Records

Copies of recent court documents - including orders regarding dissolutions of marriage and judgments of dissolutions, probate, name changes, criminal and civil cases – may be available at the courthouse in the judicial district where the case was handled.  Conduct case research online at to determine where the case was heard. If the case concluded more than 10 years ago, records are likely at the Archives and Records Center, 222 N. Hill St., Los Angeles 90012. (No phone orders are accepted).

Some post-1999 civil case documents for cases heard at Stanley Mosk Courthouse may be found online at, where they can be purchased and downloaded.

In the Central District, visit or write the certification section in Rm. 112 at the Stanley Mosk Courthouse, 111 N. Hill St., Los Angeles or call (213) 830-0803 for information.  (No phone orders will be accepted.)

Ordering case documents requires a case number. To search for a civil case number, provide the names of the parties and the year the case was filed to civil index staff members. If the civil case was filed in 1965 or earlier, call the civil index clerk at (213) 830-0803.  For civil cases filed after 1965, call the civil index clerk at (213) 830-0803.  (An in-person index fee for civil searches costs $25 per name if a search takes more than 10 minutes.)

Criminal case index searches for criminal cases filed before 1956 are performed at the Archives and Records Center, 222 N. Hill St., Los Angeles 90012; criminal cases filed 1957 and later are indexed at the Criminal Justice Center, 210 W. Temple St., Rm. M-6, Los Angeles 90012.   (California law allows misdemeanor case records to be destroyed five years after their disposition.)

 --Purchase case document copies in person at the Archives and Records Center, 222 N. Hill St., Los Angeles, between 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. weekdays, except holidays.  Public phone hours are from 8:30 - 10:30 a.m., to 1:30 - 3:30 p.m.  (213) 830-0198.
--Mail requests for case documents to Archives and Records Center, 222 N. Hill St., Rm. 212, Los Angeles, CA 90012.  Enclose a check, payable to the Los Angeles Superior Court, to cover the copying cost of documents, which is 50 cents per page and a certification fee of $15 per document.  If the document is a final judgment of divorce, add $15 for the certification fee.  If the copies are for official use in another country, there is a $20 fee for exemplification. If you do not know the number of pages or the cost for copies, write below the long dollar line on your check the phrase: “Not to exceed $30.  The clerk processing the order will fill in the actual amount and return a receipt with the copies.  Please enclose a self-addressed, legal-sized envelope.  Allow six to eight months for processing.
--Divorce records may be ordered online at

Court Records, Civil Cases

Superior Court

Allows the public, for a fee, unlimited downloading from the court’s website of civil records in lawsuits greater than $25,000 filed at Stanley Mosk Courthouse in Los Angeles.  The public may search for documents filed since 1997 by either a case number or a party name.

Court Records, Criminal Defendants, Index of

Superior Court

Allows the public, for a fee, to access an index of defendants in criminal cases in the Los Angeles Superior Court via the Internet.   Provides a list of case numbers and filing dates related to the party/company name submitted. If available, counts, current charges, disposition and disposition dates will be included.  The site is updated daily.

Court Records, Divorce

Superior Court

Allows ordering of certified copies of final divorce decrees online. Requests and payments may be made on the Court's website; copies are delivered by mail. Allow 60 working days for processing and additional days for delivery via U.S. mail.

Courts, L.A. County

Crematory or Burial at Sea

Public Health, Department of
Vital Records
313 N. Figueroa St., Los Angeles 90012
Phone (213) 240-7816