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In the eye of the beholder


If you take a stroll through Grand Park this week, then get ready to come face-to-face (or parts thereabouts) with 15 larger-than-life “Chubby Women,” an installation by acclaimed Chinese sculptor Xu Hongfei.

The unique traveling exhibition is making its U.S. debut in Grand Park, including in the “splash pad” of the popular Arthur J. Will Memorial Fountain. Since 2012, the exhibit has traveled the world, from London to Singapore to Australia.

“Sunshine Angels,” the official title of the Los Angeles series, portrays voluptuous women finding happiness in simple pleasures. The white and bronze-colored sculptures can be seen exuberantly riding horses, meeting lovers, playing with children.

Xu Hongfei has said that his art is intended to challenge traditional notions of physical beauty by using full-figured females as the subject of his sculptures.

The exhibit will remain in Grand Park until Sunday, November 29th. For more information on Xu Hongfei’s artwork, please visit his official website: