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Geography, population, property valuation, demographics, rainfall figures, and economic information are among the statistics provided.


Land Area 4,084 Square Miles
Unincorporated Area      2,638 Square Miles
Flat Land 1,741 Square Miles
Mountains 1,875 Square Miles
Hilly Land 246 Square Miles
Islands 129 Square Miles
Mountain Valleys 59 Square Miles
Marsh Land 28 Square Miles
Coast, Mainland 75 Miles

Note: Santa Catalina & San Clemente Islands are part of Los Angeles County
(71.96 and 57.17 square miles respectively)


Total in Los Angeles County*    10,241,335
Largest City (Los Angeles) 4,030,904
Smallest City (Vernon) 210
Living within cities (88 cities) 9,189346
Living in unincorporated areas      1,051,989

(Source: California Department of Finance)
(May 2016)

Registered Voters

As of February 21, 2017     5,253,855


Lowest Point     9 feet below sea level (at Wilmington)
Highest Point     10,080 feet above sea level atop Mt. San Antonio


In 2016, Los Angeles County's net assessed valuation was $1.336 trillion.

Ethnic Makeup (2010 United States Census)

Hispanic 47.7%
White 27.8%
Asian 13.7%
Black 8.7%
American Indian     .7%
Pacific Islander .3%