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County Seal

The Native American woman represents the early inhabitants of the Los Angeles Basin, including the area we now call Los Angeles County.

She stands on the shore of the Pacific Ocean with the San Gabriel Mountains in the background.

The engineering instruments‹the triangle and the caliper‹relate to the industrial construction complex of the County and Los Angeles vital contribution to the conquest of space.

The Spanish galleon is the San Salvador, which Cabrillo sailed into San Pedro Harbor October 8, 1542.

The tuna represents the fishing industry of Los Angeles County, and the championship cow, Pearlette, represents the dairy industry.

The Hollywood Bowl indicates the cultural activities, while the two stars represent the motion picture and television industries.

Mission San Gabriel, the first in Los Angeles County, represents the historic role of the missions in the settlement of the Los Angeles region.

The words “County of Los Angeles, California” surround the seal.

(The County seal was designed by former Supervisor Kenneth Hahn, drawn by Millard Sheets, and adopted by the Board of Supervisors January 2, 1957 effective March 1, 1957. It was modified by the Board of Supervisors on September 14, 2004 and again on January 7, 2014.)

Seal History

1957 - 1887 Seal