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Surplus Property

The County sells surplus property to the public and also runs an online service that allows the public to exchange their surplus materials. The County sells surplus equipment and furniture to the public when it becomes available, listing the items on a website operated by Internal Services. Surplus sale bids are open and posted for a minimum of five days. The Public Works Department operates LACoMAX, a free service designed to help residents, businesses, and organizations in the County find markets for their industrial by-products, surplus materials and other would-be discards to conserve landfill space by finding alternatives to disposal.

Disposal of Surplus Property -- Overview 
This website provides an overview of the County's programs to dispose of surplus property.

Land Parcels 
This website lists surplus land that Public Works will auction.

Materials Exchange Service 
Users of Public Works Department's free online materials exchange service can browse or post listings of a wide variety of available and wanted materials.

Surplus Goods for Sale 
Surplus equipment and furniture that are available for sale to the public is listed on this website. Items are posted for a minimum of five days.


Business Recycling 
This website provides access to more than 300 recyclers that can recycle or reuse most everything from bottles, cans, papers and plastics, to computers, concrete, textiles, tires and wood.

Donations May be Tax-Deductible 
The County's LACoMax surplus exchange program allows donations to be earmarked only for non-profits and schools, often qualifying them to be claimed as income tax deductions.

Surplus Property Listing
Public Works has listed six properties that will be available for future auctions.