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Requirements & Policies

The County has established policies and procedures for purchasing goods from companies or contracting for their services.  In order to win a bid or contract, vendors must agree to certain requirements established by the Board of Supervisors.

Child Support Compliance
Bidders/proposers for County contracts must certify they are in compliance with court-ordered child, family and spousal support obligations.

Contracting Policies 
Learn about adopted key policies that are applicable to service contracts and how they may impact your ability to respond to County needs.

Contractor Debarment 
The County Code governs contractor debarment and contractor rights.

Insurance & Indemnification 
County insurance and indemnification programs are listed with examples for managing risk exposure.

Jury Service 
Contractors are required to comply with the jury service program.

Living Wage 
The Living Wage program is applicable to all County Proposition A and cafeteria services contracts.

Local Small Business Enterprise Preference Program 
Learn about the eligibility and requirements to participate in the small business program, and the advantages for certified vendors.

Purchasing Policies 
Purchasing policies represent the basic intentions and goals of the County and the basic procurement standards by which the County operates.

Purchasing Terms & Conditions 
Standard terms and conditions are provided for County purchasing contracts.

Gratuities Prohibited 
Contractors are prohibited from offering cash, discounts, services, travel, entertainment or tangible gifts to County employees involved in the award of a contract.

Off-Peak Deliveries 
To reduce morning and afternoon commute traffic, the County asks vendors to make their deliveries and pick-ups during off-peak hours, defined as 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

Safely Surrendered Baby Law 
Contractors have responsibility regarding the Safely Surrendered Baby Law.