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Restoring trust in the Sheriff's Department

A new Civilian Oversight Commission, aimed at boosting transparency and increasing trust between communities and the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, has been established by the Board of Supervisors.

In its Nov. 1, 2016 action, the Board also appointed nine commissioners to serve on the panel and approved hiring an executive director, attorney Brian Williams. Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas and Supervisor Hilda L. Solis authored the December, 2014 motion that started the process that led to the commission’s creation.

To contact the Commission, call (213) 893-2525, or email

The new commissioners include community and faith leaders, a retired Sheriff’s lieutenant, and attorneys with a broad range of experience—from former prosecutors and public defenders to professors and executives from legal non-profit organizations. They are:

  • Hernán Vera, attorney and former president and CEO of Public Counsel, appointed by Supervisor Solis
  • Xavier Thompson, President of Baptist Ministers’ Conference and Senior Pastor of the Southern Saint Paul Church, appointed by Supervisor Ridley-Thomas
  • Patti Giggans, Executive Director of Peace Over Violence, appointed by Supervisor Kuehl
  • JP Harris, former Sheriff’s lieutenant, appointed by Supervisor Knabe
  • Robert C. Bonner, attorney and former U.S. Attorney and DEA Administrator, appointed by Supervisor Antonovich
  • Sean Kennedy,  executive director of Center for Juvenile Law & Policy at Loyola Law School and former federal public defender, appointed by the Board of Supervisors
  • Heather Miller, Rabbi, Beth Chayim Chadashim, appointed by the Board of Supervisors
  • Priscilla Ocen, Loyola Law School Associate Professor, appointed by the Board of Supervisors
  • Lael Rubin, former Deputy District Attorney, appointed by the Board of Supervisors

Establishment of the commission comes after extensive public outreach and research by a seven-member working group that made recommendations on the commission’s mission, authority, size, structure, and relationship to the offices of the Sheriff and Inspector General. Details of that process are below.

News about the Civilian Oversight Commission

Reference documents


Working Documents



Community Town Halls

Supporting Documents
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Working Group

6/12/15 - Agenda / 
6/05/15 - Agenda / Audio
5/29/15 - Agenda / Minutes / Audio
5/15/15 - Agenda / Minutes / Audio
5/01/15 - Agenda / Minutes Audio
4/17/15 - Agenda / Minutes / Audio
4/03/15 - Agenda / Audio / Draft Minutes
3/20/15 - Agenda / Draft Minutes / Audio
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2/20/15 - Agenda / Minutes / Audio1 / Audio2
2/06/15 - Agenda / Minutes / Audio
1/30/15 - Agenda / Minutes / Audio
1/16/15 - Agenda / Minutes / Audio

Working group members

Dean Hansell, Chair
Brent Braun
Vincent Harris
Max Huntsman
Les Robbins
Neal Tyler
Hernan Vera