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Groundbreaker Burke says new Board could bring new priorities

Yvonne Brathwaite Burke broke the Board of Supervisors’ gender barrier in 1979. Come Monday, four of the Board’s five members will be women—a historic first that Burke thinks could lead to a greater emphasis on issues that impact women and children.

A new era on the Board of Supervisors

With the inauguration of Janice Hahn and Kathryn Barger, the five-member Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is making history, with four women members forming its first ever female supermajority. The new supervisors and their colleagues on the Board reflect on what the changes mean and what’s ahead in 2017.

Leadership and legacies: A salute to outgoing Supervisors

As Los Angeles County says farewell to 4th District Supervisor Don Knabe and 5th District Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich, take a look back at their storied careers in a pair of videos highlighting the many lives and communities they've touched.

A grand vision moves forward on Grand Avenue

Following a series of key government approvals, a Frank Gehry-designed project at the heart of Grand Avenue’s cultural renaissance is poised to begin rising in 2018.

Election Day 2016: Here’s how (and where) to make your mark.

L.A. County’s 4,523 polling places are now open and ready for action. Polls opened at 7 a.m. and will close at 8 p.m. Not sure of where to go? Find your polling place by texting “VOTE” or “VOTO” to 468683. Here’s everything else you need to know to cast your ballot. 

Here's how to get an early start on voting in L.A. County

Thousands of Los Angeles County voters decided not to wait till Election Day to make their mark. More than 25,474 early votes were cast at satellite polling places and the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk's headquarters. The headquarters is still open for early voting today.

Here’s how they got Paper Airplane off the ground

After months of prototyping, manufacturing and fine-tuning, Grand Park’s new shade structure has finally come in for a landing. Paper Airplane brings a touch of whimsy to the park’s Olive Court. This photo gallery chronicles the project in all its phases, from artists’ vision to reality. Welcome aboard and enjoy the flight.

Artistic visions in unexpected places

Deaf schoolchildren doing standup comedy? Day laborers writing and performing fandango songs? Skid Row residents learning the crafts of bookbinding and illustration?

Postcards from Los Angeles County’s Summer of ‘16

There’s still plenty of hot weather left, but with Labor Day marking the unofficial end of summer, our photo gallery takes a look back at how we jumped, bounced, cycled and splashed our way through the height of the fun season. From skate parks to soccer fields, splash pads to scenic overlooks, L.A. County made it a summer to remember.

Leaping into a new school year at L.A. County’s ‘Arts High’

School’s back in session. And for one unique group of students, the new school year always brings a lot of drama. Not to mention ballet, jazz, strings, and even fashion design. Click through our LACHSA photo gallery for an up-close look at young artists at work.

An Olympian journey from L.A. County to Rio, by way of Syria

The Olympics are based on an inspiring ideal: bringing together athletes from around the globe to compete, far from the world’s politics and strife. This photo gallery and video show one of those athletes, L.A. County lifeguard Azad Al-Barazi, training and aspiring to bring hope to the war-torn country of his parents’ birth.

National Association of Counties sails into Long Beach

Nearly 3,000 participants—including government leaders from across the U.S.—are taking part in the National Association of Counties’ annual conference now underway in Long Beach. This photo gallery showcases some of the sights visitors can see around town, along with images of some last-minute preparation behind the scenes.

Capturing time in a capsule at L.A. County Hall of Justice

With a nod to the past and an eye on the future, officials have installed a time capsule in Los Angeles County's historic Hall of Justice, to be reopened in the year 2116. Here are some images from the ceremony.


Finding the way home: Video stories of homelessness

California’s homeless crisis is intensifying—and so are efforts to find innovative and sustainable solutions. As media organizations from the Bay Area to L.A. devote a day of coverage to this long-running tragedy, we offer these L.A. County video stories of homelessness and help.

Voices in the #Fight4Homeless

From Canoga Park to Coronado, Santa Fe Springs to San Francisco, Long Beach to Lompoc, more than 11,000 people throughout Los Angeles County and the state have so far signed a petition urging Gov. Jerry Brown to declare homelessness in California a state of emergency. Here’s why.