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DC1 ushers in new era of data management in L.A. County

ISD Data Center Manager Jeff Bowlick inspects servers at DC1, which store millions of critical county documents and files.

County leaders have inaugurated the new, energy-saving DataCenter1, which consolidates and modernizes the information technology infrastructure of the nation’s most populous county. The new center—DC1 for short—provides greater security and efficiency for millions of documents and transactions, from health assessments to online book catalog visits to pet adoptions. It will replace 49 data centers scattered throughout the county with a single LEED Silver-designated facility.

 Located in El Segundo, the DC1 provides a more secure environment for residents’ data as well as improved services, along with fast access to new technologies and sophisticated data analysis tools to empower faster resource allocation, smarter decision-making and more efficient operations. It will house 32.6 million documents, and handle 83 million transactions per month.

 Supervisors Mark Ridley-Thomas and Janice Hahn joined Chief Executive Officer Sachi A. Hamai and county department heads in inaugurating the new center, which is operated by the county’s Internal Services Division.

 “This facility will save the County hundreds of millions of dollars,” said Supervisor Ridley-Thomas, the Board chair. “That means more dollars available to provide L.A. County residents with the goods and services they really need. Whether it is fighting homelessness, promoting child protection, or a variety of other initiatives, those resources will be put to better use.”