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Directory of Services & Information

Economy and Efficiency Commission, Citizens

Rm. 163, Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
500 W. Temple St., Los Angeles, 90012
Phone (213) 974-1491
Fax: (213) 620-1437

Examines functions of County government at the request of the Board of Supervisors, on its own initiative, or as suggested by others. Submits findings and accompanying recommendations to the Board and releases to the public.  Periodically monitors the progress of its recommendations by requesting status reports to ensure that the intended impacts are implemented.

Continually works on projects to improve local government.  Since its creation in 1964, the Commission has published more than 200 reports, position papers, letters and associated documents on various issues of County operations, organization, real asset management, contracting, security, risk management, legislation, courts, and policy.

Education, Office of

9300 Imperial Hwy., Downey 90242-2890
Phone (562) 922-6111

Provides classroom instruction for specialized student populations and programs and services to the County's 80 K-12 school districts and 13 community college districts.  Intermediates between the districts and the state Department of Education.  Operates in several major areas:

Educational Programs: Serves tens of thousands of students per year through its Special Education Division (students with disabilities), Juvenile Court Schools (juvenile offenders), and Alternative Education Division ("at-risk" students).  Operates the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts and the International Polytechnic High School.

Education Services: Provides regionalized and specialized support services for districts, educators and parents in a number of areas, including the teaching of reading, teacher and administrator training, school reform, school-community partnerships, ROP, welfare-to-work and parenting programs, and the largest Head Start program in the nation (24,000 children enrolled).

Business Services: Helps districts contain costs by providing personnel, payroll, and retirement accounting, and fiscal oversight of district budgets.  These cost-saving services enable districts to use more of their limited resources for the direct benefit of students.

Telecommunications and Technology Services: Offers state-of-the-art telecommunications and technology services to school districts, helping to train teachers and parents and mobilizing resources to increase technology access in classrooms.

The Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE) is the largest intermediate educational agency in the United States.

Egg Quality

(See Produce and Egg Quality)

Elder Abuse Hotline

Community and Senior Services
Phone (877) 477-3646 / (877) 4RSENIORS

Hotline for reporting suspected abuse of senior citizens. This is a 24-hour service, seven days a week.


Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk -
Election Headquarters
12400 Imperial Hwy., Norwalk 90650
Phone (562) 466-1310
TDD: (562) 462-2259

Provides information on elections, voter registration, absentee (vote by mail) ballots, deputy registrars, precinct boundaries, polling places, poll-workers, candidate filing, campaign financial statements and sample ballots.

Polling place location (800) 815-2666 (option 1)             
Voter registration/Sample ballot inquiries (800) 815-2666 (option 2)
or (562) 466-1323
Voter Fraud Hotline (800) 815-2666 (option 3)
Election Information (800) 815-2666 (option 4)
or (562) 466-1310
Registering to vote (800) 815-2666 (option 5)
Absentee (vote by mail) ballots (800) 815-2666 (option 6)
or (562) 466-1323

Poll-worker information or to offer home as polling location

(800) 815-2666 (option 7)
or (562) 462-2509

Candidate nomination procedures (562) 462-2317
Campaign finance disclosure (562) 462-2339
Multilingual  (800) 481-VOTE
Voter Registration Request Line

(800) 481-VOTE
(24 hours, seven days)

TTY (Hearing Impaired) (562) 462-2259

Emergency Services

Ambulance, Fire, Police, Paramedics:
In all areas of the County, dial 9-1-1.

Emergency service numbers are listed in the front pages of telephone directories.

Emergency Survival Program (ESP)
Office of Emergency Management
1275 N. Eastern Ave., Los Angeles 90063
Phone (323) 980-2267
Fax: (323) 881-6897

Provides information about preparing for all hazards, including terrorism. This free information can be obtained at, or by calling the ESP hotline at (213) 974-1166 (English) or (213) 974-2217 (Spanish).

Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Agency

10100 Pioneer Blvd., Ste. 200
Santa Fe Springs 90670
Phone (562) 347-1500
Fax:  (562) 941-5835

Coordinates the County's medical 9-1-1 system, which includes fire departments, law enforcement agencies, ambulance companies, and hospitals. Responsible for accrediting paramedics, certifying emergency medical technicians (EMTs), and licensing private ambulance companies; approving pre-hospital continuing education programs; overseeing the development of automatic external defibrillator (AED) programs in gyms, schools, and other public areas; monitoring the county’s 9-1-1 hospital network; managing specialty care networks designed for pediatric emergencies, traumas, sexual assaults, and acute heart attacks; enhancing disaster preparedness and response capabilities; providing disaster training to hospitals, clinics, and first responders; coordinating medical response to multi-casualty incidents and emergencies; and reimbursing care provided to indigent patients.  Handles complaints or issues regarding the provision of emergency medical services in Los Angeles County.

Emergency Preparedness and Response Program
Public Health, Department of
600 S. Commonwealth Ave., Ste. 700, Los Angeles 90005
Phone (213) 637-3600
Fax: (213) 381-0006
Assures the preparedness and response capabilities of the Department of Public Health (DPH), the County, and partner agencies relative to the public health consequences of natural and man-made disasters and emergencies.  To achieve these goals, the program:

  • Conducts public health emergency preparedness planning;
  • Maintains the operational readiness of the DPH emergency response.
  • Coordinates activities to enhance disease surveillance and laboratory capabilities and linkages with law enforcement to assess threats such as bioterrorism.
  • Coordinates public information and information technology activities to foster greater community awareness and interagency collaboration.


Emergency Survival Guide

Offers information to better prepare for, respond to and recover from disasters in Los Angeles County.

Employee Fraud Hotline

(See Fraud Hotline)

Employee Relations Commission (ERCOM)

Rm. 374, Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
500 West Temple St., Los Angeles 90012
Phone: (213) 974-2417
Fax: (213) 633-2417

Processes, hears and decides unfair (labor) practice charges filed by organizations which represent groups of county employees (such as unions) against the County; filed by an individual county employee; or filed by the County against employee organizations. Conducts secret ballot elections to determine if county employees wish to be represented, or stay represented, by employee organizations (unions). Assists the County and employee organizations in negotiating, and reaching a written agreement covering terms and conditions of employment (known as a memorandum of understanding, “MOU”). Processes, and arbitrates disputes arising under MOUs between employee organizations and the County.

Entertainment and Meeting Facilities

(See Military and Veterans Affairs)

Environmental Health

Environmental Hygiene (Body Art & Tattoos)
5050 Commerce Dr., Baldwin Park 91706
Phone (626) 430-5430

Regulates the conduct of body art activities at tattoo, body piercing and permanent make-up establishments.  Issues permits to establishments and the practitioners of body art.

Food and Housing Inspections - Headquarters

District Surveillance and Enforcement
Public Health, Department of
5050 Commerce Dr., Baldwin Park 91706
Phone (626) 430-5200
24-Hour Hotline (888) 700-9995

*Restaurant owners and managers may report suspected fraud by county restaurant inspector by calling (800) 544-6861.

Ensures that food is safe, wholesome and free of contamination by performing routine inspections and complaint investigations at the following retail food facilities:

  • Restaurants, bakeries, bars
  • Markets/groceries
  • Swap Meets
  • Public School Cafeterias
  • Pet Stores
  • Prepackaged Warehouse
  • Theaters and Stadiums
  • Fairs, Carnivals
  • Farmer’s Markets 

To view the most recent food facility inspections, ratings and closure lists, go to

Conducts inspections to more than 71,000 licensed housing sites that are five or more units, including apartments and condominiums.  Inspect the public swimming pools and spas at licensed housing sites. Responds to complaints of cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs, sewage, mold, sanitation issues, green pools, trash accumulations and general repair concerns to ensure that residential housing is safe and fit for human habitation.  Also includes complaint investigations at self-service laundry, vacant lots, and commercial buildings for sanitation issues.

DISTRICT OFFICES (for food and housing facilities)

Antelope Valley (Lancaster)
Phone               (661) 723-4533
Fax:                  (661) 948-9354

Civic Center
Phone               (213) 351-7892
Fax:                  (213) 351-2788 

East Valley
Phone               (818) 701-4101
Fax:                  (818) 785-9578 

Hollywood Wilshire
Phone               (213)-351-7896
Fax:                  (213) 351-2736               

Phone               (818) 902-4460
Fax:                  (818) 902-4433 

Phone               (213) 351-7895
Fax:                  (213) 351-2787 

Santa Clarita
Phone               (661) 298-3387
Fax:                  (661) 250-2924 

East Los Angeles
Phone               (323) 780-2272
Fax:                  (323) 260-5209               

Phone               (310) 419-5358
Fax:                  (310) 680-0978 

Phone               (562) 345-6800
Fax:                  (562) 409-5074 

South Bay
Phone               (310) 519-6050
Fax:                  (310) 514-0170 

South Los Angeles
Phone               (323) 235-7009
Fax:                  (323) 231-0029 

Phone               (310) 665-8450
Fax:                  (310) 348-6402 

West San Gabriel
Phone               (626) 813-3346
Fax:                  (626) 814-9173

East San Gabriel
Phone               (626) 813-3380
Fax:                  (626) 813-3333 

Food and Milk
Phone               (626) 430-5400
Fax:                  (626) 813-3017 

Wholesale, manufacturing and distributing establishments and food caterers.

Food Poisoning Complaint
Morbidity Central Reporting Center
Phone (213) 240-7821

Food Trucks and Commissaries
Vehicle Inspection Program
Public Health, Department of
5050 Commerce Dr., Baldwin Park 91706
Phone (626) 430-5250
Fax:  (626) 813-1444 

This program is responsible for the inspection of various types of Mobile Food Preparation Units (MFPU), Mobile Food Facilities (MFF), and Independent Wholesale Delivery Vehicles.  In addition, Vehicle Inspection Program conducts inspection of commissaries and other approved facilities associated with the servicing and storing of MFF and MFPU.

Housing and Institutions Program – Headquarters
5050 Commerce Dr., Baldwin Park 91706
Phone (626) 430-5590
Fax: (626) 813-3017 

Inspects hotels, motels, dormitories, boarding homes, private schools, jails, and other institutions.

Plan Check Program - Headquarters
5050 Commerce Dr., Baldwin Park 91706

Retail Food Facility:
Phone (626) 430-5560
Fax: (626) 813-4834

Wholesale, Manufacturing and Distributing Food Establishments (Food and Milk Program)
Phone (626) 430-5400
Fax: (626) 813-3017 

New and remodeled facilities and wholesale food establishments must submit plans and undergo review and approval process prior to licensing.

Street Food Vendors
Street Vending Compliance
Public Health, Department of
5050 Commerce Dr., Baldwin Park 91706
Phone (626) 430-5250
Fax:  (626) 813-1444

Swimming Pool Inspections
Recreational Health
Public Health, Department of
5050 Commerce Dr., Baldwin Park 91706
Phone (626) 430-5360
Fax: (626) 813-3016

Inspects approximately 16,000 commercial swimming pools and spas in the greater Los Angeles County with the exception of the cities of Pasadena, Long Beach and Vernon to ensure the pools are maintained, operated and built in compliance with state and local regulations.

Swimming Pool Technicians Examination (Commercial):
Recreational Health
Public Health, Department of
5050 Commerce Dr., Baldwin Park 91706
Phone (626) 430-5360
Fax: (626) 813-3016

Environmental Health Customer Call Center

Environmental Health Customer Call Center: (888) 700-9995 Fax: (626) 813-4829

Environmental Toxicology Laboratory

(Chemical and Biological Analysis)
Agricultural Commissioner/Weights & Measures Department
11012 Garfield Ave., South Gate 90280
Phone (562) 622-0435
Fax: (562) 861-0278

Provides full-service chemical and biological testing.  Tests all water quality parameters in drinking water, and environmental contaminants (chemical and biological) in stormwater and wastewater.  Tests for lead in paint, dust and soil, and for heavy metals in hazardous waste.

Eviction Notices

Sheriff’s Department
Phone (213) 974-6613