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Directory of Services & Information

Arrest Records

Sheriff’s Department
Records and Identification Bureau
Public Services Unit
12440 Imperial Hwy., # 120, Norwalk 90650
Phone (562) 345-4441

Provides arrest record information services for employment services, personal reasons, attorney representation, and mistaken identity (someone has used a person’s name or an arrest has been placed on their record because of name similarity). Individuals seeking criminal records are only entitled to their own unless they have a notarized letter of authorization allowing someone else to access their criminal history. Employers normally use private companies to do background checks. However, the Sheriff’s Department does conduct name-based background checks with the appropriate waivers and fees.

Superior Court
Criminal Register of Actions
Phone (213) 974-6535, 974-6536

Provides information regarding arrest records for court disposition (fine, conviction, dismissal, etc.). Records dealing with adjudicated cases are public record. (Also see “Court Records” and “Court Records, Index of Criminal Case Defendants”)

Art Museum

(See Museums)

Arts Commission

1055 Wilshire Blvd., Ste. 800
Los Angeles 90017
Phone (213) 202-5858
Fax: (213) 580-0017

Fosters excellence, diversity, vitality, understanding and accessibility of the arts in Los Angeles County. Provides leadership in cultural services for the County, including information and resources for the community, artists, educators, arts organizations and municipalities. Programs include:

Arts Education - Arts for All, a joint initiative with the Los Angeles County Office of Education, seeks to ensure dance, music, theater and visual arts instruction in all 81 County school districts. The Arts Commission serves as the central coordinating agency on behalf of 100 partners dedicated to fostering partnership among school districts, arts organizations, funders and resource providers.

Civic Art - In conjunction with the Chief Executive Office and Department of Public Works, the Civic Art Program is responsible for commissioning visual artists to create one-of-a kind artworks for the County’s new construction and renovation projects. In addition to integrating permanent visual artworks into County facilities, the program also includes temporary exhibits, performances, workshops and conservation of historic works of art owned by the County.

Grants & Professional Development

Organizational Grant Program I (Advancement)
For Los Angeles County-based, non-profit arts organizations with budgets under $100,000. Provides support for artistic or administrative advancement projects for arts organizations.

Organizational Grant Program II (Organizational Capacity)
For Los Angeles County-based, non-profit arts organizations with budgets between $100,000 and $500,000. Provides support for projects to strengthen infrastructure for arts organizations.

Organizational Grant Program 2.5 (Artistic Capacity)
For Los Angeles County-based, non-profit arts organizations with budgets between $500,000 and $1.5 million. Provides support for artistic growth and employment opportunities.

Organizational Grant Program III (Accessibility)
For Los Angeles County-based, non-profit arts organizations with budgets over $1.5 million. Provides support for projects to increase accessibility of the arts for Los Angeles County residents.

Professional Development Program - Provides technical assistance and management development programs to grant recipients through symposia, leadership training, and skill development workshops.

John Anson Ford Theatres - A multi-disciplinary, popularly-priced, season of dance, music, film, family events, and theater is presented in the historic 1,200-seat outdoor Ford Amphitheatre from June through October. The 87-seat indoor theatre known as [Inside] the Ford hosts a season of new plays November through April. Detailed performance information is available at and (323) 461-3673.

L.A. Holiday Celebration - Free holiday program in the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion of the Music Center Dec. 24. Community and professional choirs, orchestras, and dance companies are featured. The program is broadcast live on KCET and nationally on PBS. Find out more about the event at

Assessment Appeals Board (Board of Supervisors)

Rm. B-4, Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
500 W. Temple St., Los Angeles 90012
Phone (213) 974-1471 or (888) 807-2111; (800) 735-2929 (TDD)

Under the authority of Article 13 of the Constitution of the State of California, the Board of Supervisors created five assessment appeals boards to sit as the local Board of Equalization for the County of Los Angeles. The function of the Assessment Appeals Board is to conduct impartial hearings on appeals filed by property owners who are seeking a reduction in the assessor’s valuation of their property. Based on the evidence presented at these hearings, the board determines the fair market value of the property assessment. The board is required by law to hear and make a final determination on an appeal within two years of the timely filing of an application.

Regular Assessments

Filing period for the regular assessment (annual tax bill) for all real and personal property is July 2 to Nov. 30 of each year.

Supplemental Assessments

Filing period is within 60 days of the mailing date printed on the supplemental assessment notice or tax bill, or the postmark date of the notice or tax bill, whichever is later.

Roll Change/Adjusted/Escape Assessments

Filing period is within 60 days of the mailing date printed on the roll change/adjusted/escape assessment notice or tax bill, or the postmark date of the notice or tax bill, whichever is later.

Misfortune or Calamity Reassessments

Filing period is within six months of the mailing date of the assessor’s proposed reassessment notice.

If the final filing date falls on a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, an application that is mailed and postmarked on the next business day shall be deemed to have been filed timely.

Hearing Process

Based on evidence presented at the hearing by the applicant and by the assessor, the Assessment Appeals Board determines the fair market value of each property for which an application for equalization is made. The board may increase or reduce individual assessment in order to establish the full cash value of property for the appropriate base year. The board may increase as well as decrease the property assessment.

The board has no jurisdiction to grant or deny exemptions or to consider allegations that claims for exemption from property taxes have been improperly denied. The board acts in a quasi-judicial capacity and has no legislative power.

An assessment hearing officer, rather than the full board, may conduct a hearing if the property in question is a single-family residence, condominium, cooperative, or a multi-family dwelling of four units or less regardless of value, unless otherwise requested in writing by the applicant. The valuation on other properties heard by the hearing officer may not exceed $3 million in assessed valuation on the current assessment roll. If the applicant/assessor does not agree with the hearing officer’s recommendation, applicant/assessor must submit a written request for a board hearing within 14 days of the hearing officer’s hearing date. The board is not bound by the hearing officer’s report and recommendation and may accept or reject the hearing officer’s recommendation.
Assessment Appeals Board decisions are final unless appealed to Superior Court.

Public Education Seminar

A public education program has been developed to help taxpayers better understand the assessment appeals process. Seminars, conducted year-round in various locations in the county provides information on appeal rights; how and when to file an application for assessment reduction; how to prepare for a hearing; what is admissible evidence; what happens at the hearing; and what to expect after the hearing. The seminars are available to anyone interested in learning about the appeals process, including those who have already filed an application with the County Assessment Appeals Board.

For current seminars schedule, call (213) 974-4240 or access the website at:

The information provided at the public education seminars is also available on the website at:

The offices of the Assessor, Auditor-Controller, Treasurer and Tax Collector, and Assessment Appeals Board have prepared a property tax portal to provide taxpayers with an overview and some specific detail about the property tax process in Los Angeles County. Please visit:


Office of the Assessor
Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
500 W. Temple St., Rm. 225, Los Angeles 90012-2770
Phone (213) 974-3211
Phone Toll Free: (888) 807-2111 (assistance in Spanish available)
(if calling from area codes 213, 310, 323, 562, 626, 661(partial), 714, 760, 804, 818, 909, or 949)

E-mail: helpdesk@assessor.lacounty.govLocates and identifies the ownership of all taxable property in the County and establishes a taxable value for all property subject to property taxation. Completes an assessment roll showing the assessed values of all property, applies all legal exemptions and produces assessor's parcel maps.

Provides information in various languages at public counters located in Room 225 of the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, in district offices, and on the Assessor website.

A property tax website - - provides a link to the four tax-related offices: Assessor, Auditor-Controller, Treasurer and Tax Collector, and Assessment Appeals Board. Information available through the property tax portal includes the description of sections of a tax bill, responsibilities of the four offices, and answers to the most frequently asked questions. The Auditor-Controller should be contacted regarding direct assessment.

District and Regional Office Addresses and Telephone Numbers

Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., Mon. - Fri.
(The Van Nuys Public Service Satellite opens at 8:30 a.m. and closes at 4:30 p.m. daily.)


East District Office
Regions 4,5,6,11,27, Area 4
1190 Durfee Ave., South El Monte 91733
Phone (626) 258-6001

North District Office
Regions B1,2,3,24, Area 1
13800 Balboa Blvd., Sylmar 91342
Phone (818) 833-6000

South District Office
Regions 10,12,14,26, Area 3
1401 E. Willow St., Signal Hill 90755
Phone (562) 256-1701

West District Office
Regions 7,9,25, Area 2
6120 Bristol Pkwy., Culver City 90230
Phone (310) 665-5300

Regional Office

Lancaster - Region A1
251 E. Ave. K-6, Lancaster 93535
Phone (661) 940-6700

Satellite Office

Van Nuys
14340 Sylvan St., Van Nuys 91401
Phone (818) 901-3455
Hours: 8:30 a.m. - 12 p.m., 1 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.


  Public  Works, Department of
  11282    S. Garfield Ave., Downey 90242
  Phone (562) 869-9312 or (562) 869-9753
  Fleet  equipment, tools, and miscellaneous construction items.
  Motor Vehicles:
  Internal  Services Dept.
  1104 N. Eastern Ave., Los Angeles 90063
  Phone (323) 881-3742
  Public Administrator
  Phone (626) 336-2364
  Personal Property:
  Public Administrator
  Phone (626) 336-2364
  Phone (213) 974-4829
  Real Property:
  Chief  Executive Office
  Real Estate Division
  222 S. Hill St., Los Angeles 90012
  Phone (213) 974-4300
  Public Administrator
  Phone (213) 974-0587
   Public  Works, Department of
  900    S. Fremont Ave., Alhambra 91803-1331
  Surplus Public Works Property Only  
  (Airport, Flood Control, Road, Waterworks,  etc.)
  Phone (626) 458-7072
  Sheriff, Court-Ordered  Sales
  Phone (213) 974-4827
  Treasurer  and Tax Collector
  Phone (213) 974-2045
  Tax Sales
  Treasurer and Tax Collector
  Phone  (213) 974-2040
  Residential  properties that are tax defaulted for five years and non-residential commercial  properties that are tax defaulted for three years become subject to the Tax  Collector’s power to sell and are offered for sale at public auctions each  year.  For information regarding upcoming  auctions, how to purchase an auction book, how to register, visit the  Treasurer-Tax Collector’s website at:, or telephone (213)  974-2040 and speak to the auction staff.   Prospective bidders should read all the information provided on the  website, particularly the terms and conditions because all sales are  final.  
  Prospective bidders  should thoroughly investigate the properties prior to the auction.  The County makes no guarantees as to the  condition of the properties, nor assumes any responsibility for conformance to  codes, permits, or zoning ordinances.   The burden is on the purchaser to thoroughly research before the sale as  to the usability, the ground location, or property lines of the properties.  Properties are sold “as is” and no refunds  for any purchases are made due to bidder error.
  Internal  Services Dept.
  Phone (323) 267-2578

Auditor-Controller, Department of

525 Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
500 W. Temple St., Los Angeles 90012
Phone: (213) 974-8301
Fax: (213) 626-5427

Provides financial leadership and expert advice on a wide range of fiscal matters; advocates for financial integrity and accountability in all County business practices. Promulgates financial policies, procedures and internal control guidelines for County department financial operations; exercises accounting control over all financial transactions of the County and is the controller for joint partnerships and non-profit corporations. Acts as paymaster, issuing checks to vendors, employees, child support payments, judgments and damages, and other claims against the County. Performs department audits, management audits, and criminal and administrative investigations of fraud and misconduct within County government. Performs mandated property tax functions, including extending property tax rolls, accounting for funds allocated to community redevelopment agencies, and apportioning property taxes collected. Accounts for all welfare checks, including providing related banking services.

Bad Checks, Restitution Program

Department of Consumer Affairs
500 W. Temple Street, Room B96
Phone: (800) 593-8222 (Toll Free Within LA County)
Phone: (213) 974-1452 (From Outside LA County)
Website: Department of Consumer Affairs - Bad Checks

Tracks down bad check writers and recovers losses for their victims. A check writer who qualifies for the Bad Check Restitution Program is temporarily “diverted” from criminal prosecution and given an opportunity to make good on the check.


Cash or surety bond:
(See listings under Superior Court)
Give bail receipt number.

Criminal Justice Center
210 W. Temple St., Los Angeles 90012
Phone (213) 974-6159

Bail Bond Refund:
Phone office where bail was deposited.

Beach Closures

(See Beaches, Monitoring)

Beach Commission

4701 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey 90292
Phone (310) 305-9547
Website: Los Angeles County Beach Commission - Archive

Reviews plans for construction or improvements to beaches.

Beaches and Harbors, Department of

Administration Building
13837 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey 90292
Phone (310) 305-9503
Website: or

Beach Use Permits (310) 305-9543
Marketing (310) 305-9511
Burton Chace Park (310) 305-9595
Youth Programs (310) 305-9587
Special Events (310) 305-9543
Planning (310) 305-9505
Anchorage 47 (310) 301-9152
Dock 77 (310) 305-9513
Dockweiler RV Park (800) 950-7275
Dockweiler Youth Center (310) 726-4128


(See Fire Department)

Anchorage 47
13570 Mindannao Way, Marina del Rey 90292
Phone (310) 301-9152
Website: or

Boat slips
Dock 77
13560 Mindanao Way, Marina del Rey 90292
Phone (310) 305-9513
Website: or

Dry Boat Storage

Marina del Rey Convention & Visitors Bureau
4551 Glencoe Ave., # 260, Marina del Rey 90292
Phone (310) 306-9900

Marina del Rey Visitors Information Center
4701 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey 90292
Phone (310) 305-9545 (business hours and interactive tape messages)

Beaches, Monitoring

Public Health, Department of
Environmental Health Program - Water Quality Program
5050 Commerce Dr., Baldwin Park 91706
Phone (562) 430-5420
Phone (213) 974-1234 - After-hours beach emergencies
Website: ocean water along the coastline, taking appropriate action when water quality criteria are not met or an incident such as a sewage spill or discharge occurs. Posts warning signs at beaches anytime California state ocean water quality standards are not met and closes beaches whenever there is a known sewage or chemical spill that affects ocean waters. Issues rain advisories whenever there is significant rainfall which may affect bacteria levels in ocean waters. Provides beach closures and rain advisory information online and on Beach Advisory and Closure Hotline, (800) 525-5662.

Beaches, Surf Conditions

(See Fire Department)


Beehive Information:
Agricultural Commissioner/Weights and Measures Department
12300 Lower Azusa Rd., Arcadia 91006-5872
Phone (626) 575-5466
Africanized Honey Bee Information: Click here
Phone 1-800-BEE-WARY

Beekeepers must register with the Agricultural Commissioner/Weights & Measures Department annually.
Phone (626) 575-5466

Bees, Swarming:
(800) 233-9279

Multiple Bee Stings:
Emergencies: 9-1-1
Non-emergencies: 1-800-BEE-WARY

Bicycle Trails

Public Works, Department of -
900 S. Fremont Ave., Alhambra 91803-1331
Phone (626) 458-3940


Business, Office of Small
Internal Services Department
1100 N. Eastern Ave., Los Angeles 90063
Phone (323) 881-3964

County Building Construction Projects:
Public Works, Department of
900 S. Fremont Ave., Alhambra 91803-1331
Phone (626) 300-3208

Property and Liability Programs
Chief Executive Office
Risk Management Branch
3333 Wilshire Blvd. # 820, Los Angeles 90010
Phone (213) 351-5354

Plan Holder’s List
Public Works, Department of
900 S. Fremont Ave., Alhambra 91803-1331
Phone (626) 458-3115
Construction Contract Bids Results
Phone (626) 458-2199

Sundry Services, Consultant, Prop. “A” Contracts:
Public Works, Department of
900 S. Fremont Ave., Alhambra 91803-1331
Phone (626) 458-4074

Workers’ Compensation
Chief Executive Office
Risk Management Branch
3333 Wilshire Blvd., # 820, Los Angeles 90010
Phone (213) 351-5354

Employee Benefits
Department of Human Resources
3333 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 90010
Phone (213) 738-2279

Birds, Dead

Public Health, Department of
Veterinary Public Health / Rabies Control Program
7601 E. Imperial Hwy., Bldg. 700, Ste. 94A, Downey 90242
Phone (562) 401-7088
Fax: (562) 401-7112
Dead Bird and Rabies Hotline: (877) 747-2243
State Department of Public Health (877) 986-2473

Handles reports of dead birds which may be a sign that West Nile Virus is circulating between birds and the mosquitoes in an area.

Birth Certificates

Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk, Main Office
12400 Imperial Hwy. Rm. 1002, Norwalk 90650
Phone (562) 462-2137
Hours: Mon. - Fri., 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Hours: Third Thursday of the month 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Provides records for births occurring in Los Angeles County since 1876.

Provides same day service at the Norwalk headquarters and all district offices for birth records occurring from 1964 to the present.

There are currently two types of birth certificates: authorized copies and information copies. An authorized copy is required to obtain a driver’s license, passport, Social Security card and other services related to an individual’s identity. An informational copy usually fulfills the needs of genealogists and others that are only requesting information. The information copy has the legend “Informational, not a valid document to establish identity” written across the face of the document.

Individuals permitted by law to receive an authorized certified copy:

- The registrant or a parent or legal guardian of the registrant.

- A party entitled to receive the record as a result of a court order, or an attorney or a licensed adoption agency seeking the birth record in order to comply with the requirements of Section 3140 or 7603 of the Family Code.

- A member of a law enforcement agency or a representative of another governmental agency, as provided by law, who is conducting official business.

- A child, grandparent, sibling, spouse or domestic partner of the registrant.

- An attorney representing the registrant or the registrant’s estate, or any person or agency empowered by statute or appointed by a court to act on behalf of the registrant or the registrant estate.

Anyone who does not fit into any of the above categories can only obtain an informational copy.

Certified copies of original documents (authorized or informational) for birth records prior to 1964 that are requested in person or by mail are processed and sent within 15 working days. Those requesting a certified copy of a birth, death or marriage certificate will be asked to present a valid identification when making in-person requests. Mail requests require a notarized statement of an authorized individual. Mail requests for copies are processed in 15-20 working days.

Branch offices issue copies for death and marriage from 1995 - present and birth from 1964 - present. Branch offices accept requests for certified copies for birth, death and marriage records, which must be processed at the Norwalk headquarters and then mailed within 15 working days. For a list of the branch offices, see “Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk Branch Offices.”

To request a copy of a birth certificate by mail, please include the following information: Full name at birth, date of birth (if known), or the range of years to be checked, city of birth (must be in Los Angeles County), father’s full name, mother’s full name, including maiden name, and your relationship to the registrant. All requests must have a penalty of perjury statement as well as a notarized certificate of identity. A check or money order in the amount of $17 made out to the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk must be included along with name and address of person requesting copy. Send request to: Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk, Birth Records, P.O. Box 53120, Los Angeles, CA 90053-0120.

For expedited requests, you may:

Order via the Internet at or using a major credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or Discover). The fee is $17 for the certificate. Expedited orders will be processed within five working days of receipt of the certificate of identity and penalty of perjury statement. Credit card orders will be returned by regular mail unless Express Mail delivery is requested, which costs an additional $17.50. A $6 special handling fee will be charged on all credit card orders in addition to the copy fee. If purchased online through VitalCheck, the fee is $18.50.

Information on births occurring prior to 45 days, contact County Department of Public Health, 313 N. Figueroa, Room L-1, Los Angeles 90012, (213) 240-7812.


Copies of a birth record of a child who has been adopted or had a legal name change are only available through the state. Written requests should be sent to the State Department of Health, Office of Vital Records – M.S. 5103, P.O. Box 997410, Sacramento, CA 95899-7410. The telephone number is (916) 445-2684. There is a $14 charge for each copy requested, payable by check or money order to the Office of Vital Records.

You may obtain information on how to amend a birth record by calling (562) 462-2137. A completed form must be mailed to the California Department of Health, Office of Vital Records in Sacramento, along with required fees.

Board of Supervisors

Rm. 383, Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
500 W. Temple St., Los Angeles 90012

Acts as the governing body of the County of Los Angeles. As such, it has the function of serving as the executive and legislative head of County government, enacting ordinances, setting salaries and establishing specific regulations for the administration of County departments and special districts.

The five Board members are elected by voters from their district for four-year terms.

The regular meetings of the Board are held on the first, second, third and fifth Tuesdays of each month at 9:30 a.m. in the Board’s Hearing Room (381B Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration, 500 W. Temple St., Los Angeles). Each regular meeting of the Board held on the fourth Tuesday of each month shall be primarily for the purpose of conducting legally required public hearings on zoning matters, fee increases, special district proceedings, property transactions, etc. On Tuesdays following a Monday holiday, meetings begin at 1 p.m.

The Executive Office of the Board of Supervisors prepares the Board’s agendas, communicates the actions taken by the Board, prepares the minutes of the meetings, maintains the Board’s records, and provides the Board with administrative and information technology support.

Internet users may access the Board of Supervisors' agendas and accompanying Board letters for the current week's Board meeting beginning each Thursday morning preceding the meeting at the following: Persons accessing this site may also subscribe to receive a weekly e-mail notification with a link to the statement of proceedings when it is posted. The statements of proceedings, which indicate the final actions taken by the Board, are available five business days after the meeting at Persons accessing this site may also subscribe to receive a weekly e-mail notification with a link to the statement of proceedings when it is posted. The Board meeting transcripts are available for access each Wednesday evening at Each Board meeting may be viewed live on the website at

Helpful Phone Numbers

Customer Service Center (213) 974-1411
General Information (213) 974-7778
Listen to Board Meeting Live (877) 873-8017
For English, enter code 111111#  
For Spanish, enter code 222222#  
Recorded message of actions of the Board (213) 974-7207
For copies of Board-related information:
(213) 974-1442
Statement of Proceedings
(213) 974-1424 (213) 974-1424
Rules of the Board  
(213) 974-1424
DVDs of meetings (213) 974-1424
(DVDs are also available in Spanish) DVDs -

Lobbyist Registration

Any person who for compensation seeks to influence a County official or any official action of the County of Los Angeles may be subject to the provisions of Los Angeles County Code, Chapter 2.160, relating to lobbyist registrations. Violation of the lobbyist ordinance may result in a fine and other penalties. For information call (213) 974-1093 or access website at


Gloria Molina, First District
Rm. 856, Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
500 W. Temple St., Los Angeles 90012
Phone (213) 974-4111

Mark Ridley-Thomas, Second District
Rm. 866, Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
500 W. Temple St., Los Angeles 90012
Phone (213) 974-2222

Zev Yaroslavsky, Third District
Rm. 821, Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
500 W. Temple St., Los Angeles 90012
Phone (213) 974-3333

Don Knabe, Fourth District
Rm. 822, Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
500 W. Temple St., Los Angeles 90012
Phone (213) 974-4444

Michael D. Antonovich, Fifth District
Rm. 869, Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
500 W. Temple St., Los Angeles 90012
Phone (213) 974-5555

Executive Officer of the Board of Supervisors
Rm. 383, Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration
500 W. Temple St., Los Angeles 90012
Phone (213) 974-1411