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Official Song & Flag

"Seventy-Six Cities" is the Official Song of Los Angeles County.

The song was composed by brothers Steve and Paul Cowell as they were on their way to Southern California by train. It was played and sung for the first time by the cast of  "Sing-Out '65" at a meeting of the Board of Supervisors on Sept. 14, 1965.

The Board members "were so impressed by the song," according to then-Board Clerk Gordon T. Nesvig, that they unanimously adopted a motion by Supervisor Warren M. Dorn to declare it the County's official song.

 Since the adoption of the official song, the County has grown from 76 cities to 88 cities and the population has increased from seven million to more than 10 million.

The lyrics of "Seventy-Six Cities" follow. To view the music sheet, click here.

Verse 1:
God made the world and then He looked around 
To find Him a county and this is what He found.
A land of sea and mountain and desert wilderness.;
And he made an earthly paradise He called Los Angeles

Seventy-six cities. Plenty room for more.
Seven million people. Open is the door.
Angels we are none, but Angelinos nonetheless.
For we come from the county they call Los Angeles.

Verse 2:
It grew and grew and grew and grew and grew and grew and grew and grew.
The oranges did blossom and the mighty aircraft flew.
If its growth continues in this most astounding way
New York City soon will be a suburb of L.A.!

Verse 3:
Your seventy-six cities, seventy-six mayors
Seven million people, seven million cares.
Well it could be Los Angeles that shows humanity
How to live and work together like a family.

Verse 4:
Whether it's an earthquake, a fire, or a flood
Angelinos rise above it with that spirit in their blood.
This world that's torn asunder with prehistoric hate
Needs the County of the Angels to bring it up to date.

The official flag of the County of Los Angeles is blue, green and gold.

The blue signifies clear skies. The green border is to keep Los Angeles beautiful and the gold lettering “County of Los Angeles” stands for the land of opportunity for everyone since gold was discovered in California The seal is the official seal of the County of Los Angeles.

The flag was approved on October 17, 1967 by the Board of Supervisors and flew for the first time in front of the County Courthouse on March 28, 1968.  (Former Supervisor Kenneth Hahn designed the flag. It was drawn by Alan Ferber, chief of the County's graphic arts section.)